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Toilet Aids

Basketweave Commode Chair

basketweavecommodechairA traditional wooden frame commode chair with woven fibre upholstery in white and beige. The removable seat conceals a plastic commode pan and lid with carrying handle. The high chair sides provide support to the user when rising or lowering.

  • Width between arms (at top) 530mm (20.75″)
  • Seat height 470mm (18.5″)
  • Seat width 440mm (17.25″)
  • Depth 440mm (17.25″)
  • Backrest height 775mm (30.5″)
  • Weight 7.2kg

Raised Toilet Seat Pressalit Support Arms With Dania Seat

i:/Mosaic/share/workareapost13396These support arms can be mounted quickly and easily onto the toilet. The individually folding arms give excellent support and the moulded handles are comfortable for hands and arms. Either arm can be raised and folded away individually. Supplied as arms only or with a Dania Toilet Seat and lid.

  • Width between arms 535mm (21˝)
  • External width 705mm (27 3/4˝)
  • Arm height from seat 235mm (9 1/4˝)

Raised Toilet Seat With Arms

AA2169A moulded raised toilet seat with built in arms. The seat has a large front cutaway for ease of personal cleansing. Easily fitted to the toilet bowl via three adjustable brackets. The arms are covered with soft foam padding for comfort and grip, and may be removed from the seat if no longer required.

  • Height 100mm (4˝)
  • Aperture size 210 x 255mm (8 1/4×10˝)
  • Width between armrests 445mm (17 1/2˝)
  • Height of armrest above seat 190mm (7 1/2˝)
  • Weight 7.5kg

Toilet Frame Stirling

AA2210A sturdy, height adjustable metal frame with a clip on, one piece moulded seat. The seat is contoured and has a partial cut-away to facilitate personal hygiene. The cross members are width adjustable using a pin clip system, allowing the frame to be completely assembled or disassembled without tools. Height is also adjusted using a pin clip system, which leaves no protrusions to snag skin or clothing. The legs have non-slip rubber feet, but screw-down feet are available for a more permanent fixing.

  • Flat packed
  • Width at top 480 to 530mm (19 to 21˝)
  • Seat height 380 to 530mm (15 to 21˝)
  • Depth at floor 470 to 530mm (18 1/2 to 21˝) depending on height setting
  • Weight 5.9kg

Bidet Bowl

F18487_5The ideal solution to personal cleansing. The Bidet Bowl fits inside the toilet bowl converting a standard toilet to a bidet. Please note this product is not suitable for use with raised toilet seats.

Extra Wide Tall-Ette™ Raised Toilet Seat with Legs

CaptureThe soft foam arm rests on this seat are designed to assist the user in sitting down and rising from the seat. Ideal for people who need extra assistance due to lower extremity weakness or poor balance. Legs are height adjustable. Adds 100mm (4″) to the seat height and eliminates the need for a toilet seat frame.

  • Width 570mm (22.5″)
  • Weight 4.1kg

Melton Sloped Toilet Seats

F22004_5The Left and Right hand sloping Meltons have been specifically designed for those clients who cannot or who are required not to flex their hips after surgery, injury or with severe arthritis. Leg amputees also find the Sloped seats more secure and comfortable. These seats are fitted with plastic brackets which have wing nut adjustment underneath the seat.These seats are supplied in a 100mm (4″) raise only.   ——————————————————————————————————————–

Ashby Easyfit Raised Toilet Seat558894

The Ashby Easyfit raised toilet seat is available in 50mm, 100mm or 150mm heights. Made from polyethylene and moulded as a one piece seat to reduce any hygiene issues. To further reduce cross infection, the seat has permanent anti-bacterial qualities and is resistant to stains and odour. Simple to remove and fit, as the seat attaches to the toilet using two adjustable fixing brackets. The two adjustable fixing brackets also provides the user with a secure seating position. Length 390mm (15½”). Width 370mm (14¾”). ————————————————————————————————————————–

Taunton Raised Toilet HOMECRAFT TAUNTON

This seat is gently contoured for comfort. The aperture is elongated compared to most seats and has a front cut-away for personal hygiene. The seat slopes slightly forward to assist with lowering and raising, and sits on moulded bumpers for stability. The seat is fully sealed and easy to clean. Three plastic moulded brackets allow external adjustment to fit most toilets     ————————————————————————————————————————–

Padded Raised Toilet SeatPadded Raised

A soft cushion that attaches to the existing toilet seat to provide extra comfort and to raise the effective seat height. The cushion simply attaches with four hook and loop straps. The white vinyl covering protects the cushion and is easily cleaned. Width 360mm (14″). Length 410mm (16″).

Buckingham FoldEasy Toilet Surround558873Buckingham FoldEasy Toilet Surround

The FoldEasy is a fully folding and height adjustable toilet surround. Designed with folding foot paddles that sit flush to the floor so that the weight of the user standing on them holds the frame firmly in place. Equipped with soft armrests which are ergonomically designed to aid the user to sit and stand with greater ease and comfort. Width 510mm (20″). Depth 530mm (21″). Height 620 to 740mm (24½ to 29″). Weight 3kg. Maximum user weight: ——————————————————————————————————————

Adjustable Toilet SurroundAdjustable Toilet Surround

This sturdy toilet surround rail is both height and width adjustable making it suitable for a variety of situations. Available aluminium, it has padded handgrips for additional comfort and support. Supplied flat packed. Height 625 to 788mm (25 to 31″). Width 510 to 560mm (20 to 22″). Depth 495mm (19½”).


Adjustable Toilet Frametttttttttttttttttttt

Height adjustable, epoxy coated, steel toilet frame with padded arm rests for comfort and support. Rail height 635 to 788mm (27½ to 34″). Width 555mm (22″). Depth 495mm (19½”). Weight 3.8kg

Bridge Saddle Pan

14825-PR10086 Bridge Saddle PanThis urinal has a curved shape to ensure it is simple and comfortable to use. It incorporates a front splash guard which prevents spillage and a spout for easy emptying. Made from polypropylene it can be steam cleaned or chemically sterilised. Suitable for both male and female use.

  • Weight 410g
  • Capacity 800ml

General Purpose Bed Pan

General Purpose Bed PanGeneral purpose bed pan made from polypropylene. It can be cleaned by steam, boiling water or chemicals.

  • Capacity 1 litre (1.75 pints)
  • Width 300mm (12″)
  • Length 380mm (15″)
  • Depth 100mm (4″)
  • Weight 1.1kg

Economy Waterproof Mattress Protector

hc_091082262Fitted clear waterproof mattress and pillow covers in soft PVC to offer protection from incontinence.

  • Single: 914 x 1905mm (36 x 75″)
  • Double: 1372 x 1905mm (54 x 75″)

Mat Washable Wacmat Blue

Capture2Protect carpets with the WacMat, a machine washable rug that is ideal for use as a commode mat or anywhere within the house. Made from 100% cotton pile with a 100% waterproof backing, the WacMat is an ideal accessory where spills may occur. Once washed, the mat may be tumble dried, leaving it clean, odour free and ready for use time and time again.

  • Size 600 x 900mm (231/2 x 351/2″)
  • Machine washable to 40°C

Mini Potti

Disposable-UrinalDiscreet, portable pouch ideal for any situation where access to toilet facilities is limited. Suitable for men, women and children it turns up to 600ml of liquid into gel.

  • Leakproof and odourless
  • May be used until full
  • Supplied as a pack of three

Readi Seat Protector

41YupRLOFBLThis re-usable seat pad is specially designed to look and feel like a normal seat cover to preserve user dignity. Manufactured from a superior absorbent, stay dry material with a slip resistant backing, the pads protect both user and seating. Can be used on armchairs or in the car when travelling. Designed for light to moderate incontinence, these pads are machine washable.

  • Size 500 x 700mm (193/4 x 271/2″)
  • Absorbency 1.3 litres

Topper Male Urinal

719urs0UgkL._SL1500_A clear polypropylene bottle with a handle and snap-on lid. Calibrated for output recording and the bottle is autoclavable. Includes Biocote® to inhibit growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi. A low spill adaptor is also available.

  • Capacity 1 litre

Transfer Board Dolphin

dolphinThe Dolphin Board is designed for assisted and independent transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet. It has the additional benefit of remaining in position during toilet use. The wheelchair cut-outs allow transfer from either side of the toilet. Strong and lightweight, the board is rigid with no flex during transfer. Specifications:

  • Length: 690mm (27″)
  • Width at widest point: 380mm (15″)
  • Weight: 1.65kg
  • Max user weight: 150kg (23.5st)

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