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Bathroom Aids

Riviera Bathlift

For many people, at some point in their life, bathing becomes difficult. The Riviera bathlift provides a fresh approach to this problem and enables a person to enjoy bathing again with confidence. The Riviera lifts, lowers and reclines easily and quietly and is designed to fit in most baths. It is easy to install, simple to operate and offers a person excellent comfort, safety, reliability and convenience.

Features include: –

  • Hygienic – The new backrest design with smooth, sealed surfaces is more resistant to dirt making a bath lift easier and faster to clean
  • Easier – The new storage battery compartment is located in the centre directly behind the backrest, thus making it a lot easier to insert or remove the battery
  • Moving and Handling – The bathlift is easily dismantled into two pieces, both of which include an integral handle for moving and handling
  • Practical – The new unlocking mechanism of the drive unit features a red unlock button – one simple push with your thumb is sufficient to fold and dismantle the bath lift
  • Safer – Due to an EMERGENCY-OFF button, which is integrated in the hand control, a more powerful storage battery offering even longer operating times, and a unique safety shutdown function
  • Space Saving – New flat backrest design for greater leg room
  • Attractive – The new, slim line design makes the bathlift even more attractive and adapts harmonically to it’s surroundings
  • Reliable – Lifetime guarantee on frame and three years on the battery and handset

Mermaid Hoist

hoistThe Mermaid Hoist is a fixed bath side hoist that enables patients to safely transfer in and out of the bath. Available as either an electric or mechanical version, it can be mounted onto either a wooden or concrete floor with the fixings provided.

A retro fit electric kit is also available to convert the manual hoist to an electronically powered hoist. Height to base of seat 140 to 740mm (5 1/2 to 29˝).

An extension kit is available to raise the column by an additional 75mm (3˝).

  • Maximum seat travel 485mm (19˝)
  • Seat size 450×410mm (17 3/4×16˝)
  • Width between arms 395mm (15 1/2˝)
  • Recommended clearance from mast 1000mm (39 1/4˝)

Installation by a qualified tradesman is required.

To order, choose a column, a seat and a  recharger (for electric version only).

Note: not suitable for corner baths.

Slatted Bath Seat

slatted bath seatPrevents the need to get down to the bottom of the bath when bathing or using an over bath shower.

The NRS Slatted Bath Seat is ideal if you struggle to sit at the bottom of the bath. Positioned so you sit in or near the water, the bath seat makes bathing safer and comfortable. Made from reinforced PVC, the slatted seat drains water quickly and easily. Large suction feet securely fixes to your bath, while the easy release tabs means that the bath seat can be removed quickly. Finished in brilliant white with soft grey trim. The bath seat can also be used with the NRS Slatted Bath Board (M78342, M78354 & M78366) to make transfer from standing easier.

Other size seats also available 6″ (M78419) and 12″ (M78433).


  • Width: 280mm (11″)
  • Length: 457mm (18″)
  • Product weight: 6″: 2.7kg (7lb). 8″: 2.8kg (6lb). 12″: 2.9kg (6.4lb)
  • User Weight Limit 160kg(25st)
  • Product Weight 2.8kg (6lb)

Bath Seat Swivel Bather For Corner Bath

CORNER SEATThis stainless steel seat allows easy transfer into most corner baths. The base frame has extendible tubes that can be adjusted independently from 810 to 1200mm (32 to 47˝) in width.

  • Backrest height 355mm (14˝)
  • Seat width 445mm (17˝)
  • Seat depth 405mm (16˝)
  • Width between arm rests 485mm (19˝)
  • Seat height above bath 90mm (3 1/2˝)
  • Weight 6.5kg

Bath Board Savanah Slatted Handle

slatted handleFor ease of transfer and added user security, an optional handle is available for the Savanah slatted bath board or shower board. To improve grip on the handle, the moulding is covered with a comfortable, soft feel sleeve. Fitting the handle may remove the need for a wall mounted grab rail in many circumstances. Weight 0.2kg.

Bathlift Bathing Cushion

6130jxTEZAL._SL1345_The Bathing Cushion bath lift is simple to use, lowering the user gently to the bottom of the bath. Once there they can choose whether to leave a small amount of air in the cushion to act as a back support, or release all the air to lie right back and bathe as normal. When bathing is finished, the Bathing Cushion can be re-inflated using the Airflo compressor to lift the user steadily back up, level with the top of the bath. The Bathing Cushion bath lift is designed to offer increased stability and comfort. Weighing only 2kg (4.4lbs) and featuring a carry handle, it is supremely portable making it ideal for taking away on visits or on holiday. It can also be set up or removed in seconds and requires no fixtures or adaptations to an existing bathroom.

Seat dimensions:

  • Inflated seat height 400m (153/4″)
  • Deflated seat height 20mm (3/4″)
  • Seat width 580mm (223/4″)
  • Seat depth 44cm (171/4″)
  • Weight 2kg

Airflo compressor size:

  • Length 305mm (12″)
  • Width 270mm (101/2″)
  • Height 155mm (6″)
  • Weight 6kg

CushionThis Seat

rentwoodBathlift Bathing CushionThis seat hangs from the rim of the bath and wedges firmly into the sides as the bather sits on it.

The strong white contoured seat is mounted on a steel frame with hinged sides.

The seat is adjustable in width for different sizes of bath.

The tips of the frame are covered in soft end caps to protect the bath and improve grip.

  • Width 445 to 595mm (171/2 to 231/2˝) in 13mm (1/2˝) increments
  • Seat height 140mm (51/2˝) below rim
  • Seat size 400 × 225mm (153/4 × 83/4˝)
  • Weight 3.1kg
  • ——————————————————————————————————————

Shower Commode Chair558561

A lightweight, mobile shower commode chair that can also be used over the toilet. The chair is rust proof due to the anodised aluminium frame, making it ideal for use in a wet environment. It incorporates a pushing handle and swivel castors to enable carers to push the patient around with ease and in comfort. The blow moulded seat can be easily removed for cleaning. All four castors have brakes for added safety. Supplied with a commode pan as standard. Optional footrests are available. Seat height 570mm (22½”). Seat width 430mm (17″). Seat depth 460mm (18″). External height 1050mm (41¼”). External width 560mm (22″). External depth 585mm (23″). External depth with footrests 830mm (32½”). Diameter of castors 125mm (5″).


Mobile Shower Chair558563 days

An attractive, plastic-coated, steel-framed shower chair with four swiveling, braked castors for safety and a pushing handle for convenience. Easy to manoeuvre, this shower chair can be used for transferring the user from one place to another before and after showering. Seat width 460mm (18″). Seat depth 390mm (15¼”). External width 540mm (21¼”). External depth 600mm (23½”). Diameter of castors 100mm (4″)


Mobile Shower Commode ChairM12938_2_Mobile_Shower_Commode_Chair

Benefits carers and users by preventing the need for additional transfers and the need for separate items of equipment in the shower and toilet.
•Shower chair, commode and toileting chair all in one
•Great value and lightweight
•Easy to push handle for carers
•PU padded seat, armrest and backrest
•Cut out for personal hygiene

Shower Seat Tooting Wall Mounted Padded Standard

PADDED SEATThis comfortable padded shower seat is fitted to the wall and can be folded up when not in use. It has two height adjustable legs at the front to provide extra support and stability.

These legs are fitted with non-slip feet and are adjusted with pin clips. The seat is mounted on a corrosion resistant aluminium, stainless steel and plastic frame and requires fixing to the wall at a suitable height.

  • Seat height adjustment 485 to 590mm (19 to 23˝)
  • Seat size 330×390mm (13×15 1/2˝)
  • Weight 4.9kg
  • Maximum user weight 25 st

Shower Seat Wall Mounted With Back And Arms

shower armsThis generously sized shower seat features a
comfortable back support that is angled ten degrees from the vertical for additional support and comfort. The drop down arms are coated with polyurethane foam and have moulded hand grips giving comfort and security.

For additional user comfort the angle of the arms can be adjusted by five degrees either side of the horizontal. Framework and legs are made from stainless steel making this seat both durable and rust free. The seat can be folded away when not in use and arms fold back to allow side transfer.

Two pairs of legs are supplied allowing the height of the seat to be adjusted anywhere between 390 and 640mm (15 1/4 and 25˝).
The padded version has removable seat and back pads made from polyurethane foam which does not absorb water even when cut or damaged.

  • Seat width 582mm (23˝)
  • Seat depth 576mm (22 1/2˝)
  • Width between arms 482mm (19˝)
  • Seat height at maximum leg extension 640mm (25˝)
  • Seat height at minimum leg extension 390mm (15˝)
  • Projection from wall when folded 247mm (9 1/2˝)
  • Maximum user weight 40 st

Handicare Shower Stool

STOOL Enables user to sit whilst showering.

High quality, height adjustable stool with stainless steel frame and aluminium inner legs. Slip-resistant, polyurethane seat is slatted to allow drainage and detachable for cleaning purposes. Available with an optional backrest for added support (H83390), sold separately. Supplied with ferrule feet for stability.


  • Seat width: 410mm (16″)
  • Seat depth: 310mm (12¼”)
  • Width between arms: 485mm (21″)
  • Seat height: 415-585mm (16-23″)
  • Footprint: W570 x D445mm (22½ x 17½”) – W585 x D520mm (23x 20½”)
  • Product weight: 5.1kg (11lb)
  • User Weight Limit: 150kg(23st)
  • Product Weight: 5.1kg (11lb)

Economy Foldable Shower Stool

shower stoolEnables user to sit whilst showering. Ideal for travel or where space is limited.

Portable folding shower stool with high quality moulded plastic seat and corrosion resistant, reinforced aluminium frame. Folds easily for storage and ideal for travel use. Textured seat to avoid slipping and comes with drainage holes.


  • Seat height:360-390mm (14-15″)
  • Seat width: 580mm (22″)
  • Seat depth: 310mm (12″)
  • Footprint: 460 x 450mm (18 x17¾”)
  • Product weight: 1kg (2.2lb)
  • User Weight Limit: 136kg(21st)
  • Product Weight: 1kg (2.2lb)

Height Adjustable Shower Chair

HIGHT STOOLExcellent value Shower Chair is ideal for those who struggle to stand in the shower, as well as elderly or disabled people. It features a comfortable white plastic seat with drainage holes and a supportive back rest, which drains water quickly away and provides the user with comfort.The integral arms enable easier rising and support whilst seated. It also features non-slip rubber ferrule feet, which prevent the chair from slipping and keeps it securely in place. The easy height adjustment means that a variety of users can use the chair. The simple design is easy to clean, after use, with normal bathroom cleaning products.


  • Seat height: 410-537mm (16¼-21¼”)
  • Width between handles:485mm (19″)
  • Footprint: 545 x 450mm (21½ x 17¾”)
  • User Weight Limit: 165kg(25st)

Shower Screen Portable 2 Panel 900mm High

i:/Mosaic/share/workareapost5260Manufactured from opaque polycarbonate encased in stylish and sturdy aluminium frames, these portable shower screens have integral handles for moving and carrying. Finished in soft white to blend into most shower areas, the frames have a rounded edge profile for safety and style.

The hinges rotate through 90°, enabling the screen to be positioned or moved as required.

Available as a two panel screen, each panel measuring 900mm (35 1/2˝), or as a three panel screen with one 900mm (35 1/2˝) panel and two 450mm (17 3/4˝).

Also available in two heights.Three Panel available

Shower Stool with Cut-Away Seat

HC_091075274This sturdy but lightweight shower stool has a front cut-out for personal cleansing. The moulded plastic seat is shaped for comfort and is available with or without a backrest.The aluminium frame is supplied flat packed and is extremely easy to assemble.

  • Seat height adjustable between 406 and 508mm (16 and 20″)
  • Seat size 406 x 369mm (16 x 14.5″)
  • Backrest 406 x 191mm (16 x 7.5″)

Inflatable Bath

bathAllows the user to enjoy a safe, convenient bath in bed.

Made from heavy duty vinyl, specially formulated to protect against bacteria growth. Supplied complete with an inflatable pillow, a reinforced drain hose with on/off valve, a showerhead with hose, and a large foot pump for easy inflation.

Inflated dimensions:

  • Length 203cm (80˝)
  • Width 81cm (32˝)
  • Depth 25.5cm (10˝)
  • Hose Length 7.6m (25ft)
  • Weight 9.5kg

Cast & Dressing Protectors

81uvGBxiJrL._SL1320_These comfortable waterproof protectors simply slip over a cast or dressing on either the lower leg or arm to protect them when taking a bath or shower.

They are re-usable and will last up to two months with average use. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming.

Hair Washing Tray For Sink

41-a56jIS1LA plastic tray, shaped to fit behind neck and attached with a hook and loop strap. Enables hair to be washed by a helper over a sink or bath with no spillage.

  • Width 214mm (8.5″)
  • Depth 50mm (2″)
  • Weight 175g

Inflatable Hair Wash Basin

61uMuAuY93L._SL1047_An inflatable, heavy duty vinyl basin designed for washing hair when confined to a bed can be inflated by mouth or air pump. Hose included for draining waste water.

  • Size: 710 x 610 x 510mm (26.5″ x 22″ x 19″)


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