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Chair Aids

The B-Warm Heated Seat CoverHomeglow1-14a-highres1-224x300

Keep warm and cosy while reducing your heating bills* with the B-Warm heated seat cover.

The award winning B-warm is a versatile, low energy heated seat cover designed to keep you warm and comfortable at home.

Why heat the whole house or room when you can simply plug in the B-Warm heated-seat cover and instantly nestle into a snug and cosy armchair.


The amazing B-warms is:

  • Therapeutic as it will warm and soothe aches and pains in your neck, back, legs and knees.
  • Highly economical – costs less than ½ pence per hour to use Safe & easy to operate – with a one button control
  • Produces low level controlled heat, with safety automatic switch-off feature
  • Resistant to spillages and fully machine washable(@40C)
  • Easy to fit and suitable for most styles of chair & some sofas
  • Two year warranty
  • Fully CE approved

Chair Riser Couchcane Assist-a-Tray

44444444444With an ergonomic safety handle, this chair aid makes standing and sitting easy and safe. The swivel tray has multiple uses and incorporates a cup holder and utensil compartment. The frame is adjustable in length and height to fit either side of the couch or chair. On the base of the frame there are super grip rubber pads to ensure stability and protect the floor from damage.

  • Height of tray 650 to 800mm (251/2 to 311/2˝)
  • Height adjustment 850 to 1000mm (331/2 to 391/4˝)
  • Dimensions of handle 150×150mm (6×6˝)
  • Diameter of handle 31mm (11/4˝)
  • Base length adjustment 500 to 900mm (20 to 351/2˝)
  • Tray dimensions 400×450mm (153/4˝×173/4˝)
  • Weight limit of tray 13kg
  • Weight 8.9kg

Double Drop Armchair

L99831_4Supportive chair enables side transfers from wheelchair.Ideal for those who need a good degree of back support and need to transfer easily to and from a wheelchair. Both arms lift up and drop down to be level with the seat cushion. Once lowered the arm fills the gap between the chair and the wheelchair, therefore allowing a smooth side transfer to occur in a comfortable and supportive environment. Easy to operate by the carer or user.

Available in four colours as a standard cushion or memory foam cushion option to suit your requirements.

100% polyester, moisture proof, stain resistant anti-bacterial fabric.


  • Overall – Height: 1195mm (47″) Width: 650mm (25″) Depth: 715mm (28″)
  • Seat – Height: 470mm (18″)
  • Maximum User Weight Limit: 102kg (16st)

Three Way Adjustable Foot Rest

M13773_5Can help to prevent/reduce swelling in feet and increase relaxation whilst sitting.

This height adjustable leg or foot rest is incredibly versatile as it offers a choice of three different positions. The highest position elevates the legs to help stimulate circulation and ease tired legs. The footrest can be angled to rest legs comfortably or flattened to a neat footstool for resting thighs and keeping feet warm.

The discreet and adjustable design means that it is ideal for use at home or in the office. It is finished with a padded foam cushion and a cosy wool effect cover with attractive mahogany effect wood finish. The fabric cover can be removed for washing.

The maximum weight limit of this foot rest is 18kg (2.8st) meaning that it is not suitable for sitting on. NRS Healthcare sells a range of stools and chairs which could meet your needs if this footrest is not suitable.


  • Open – Length: 590mm (24″) Width: 380mm (15″) Depth: 360mm (14″)
  • Folds to 60mm (2¼”) high
  • Maximum User Weight Limit:18kg (2.8st)

Leg Rest

F19145_4Can help to prevent/reduce swelling in feet and increase relaxation whilst sitting.A classic style, fully height adjustable, padded leg rest with a contoured shape for maximum comfort. Upholstered in quality PVC.


  • Standard Height: 350mm (14″) Extends to: 508mm (20″)
  • Stool Length: 470mm (18¾”) Stool Width: 394mm (15¾”)
  • Maximum User Weight Limit: 102kg (16st)

The Hold It Book Holder

M35331_A_1Hands free reading for those with reduced hand function.A revolutionary new height adjustable floor standing book holder, writing stand and computer copyholder.

Use when sitting, lying down or standing up. Holds books weighing up to 4kg (8lbs). Page holders keep page in place to read at any angle and allow page turning with one hand. Tray permits hand writing and use of any size of laptop in ergonomically approved position.

Ideal for use in bed, armchair, wheelchair by desk or table. Made from lightweight aluminium, metal and durable plastics. Sturdy wheeled based.


  • Foot Diameter: 470mm (18½”)
  • Tray Width: 460mm (18″)
  • Max. Height: 330mm (13″)
  • Arm reach: 600mm (23″) outwards Accommodates books up to 4kg (8lb)
  • Product Weight:21kg (46lbs)

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