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Drinking Aids

 Drink up Hands-free Drinking system


Dehydration is potentially harmful to basic health and may cause discomfort, distress, anxiety and frustration. The ability for a less able person to drink when he or she wishes, would be beneficial for all those involved. Our Solution and Aims •To provide a simple, versatile, affordable, quality product with broad appeal to people with disabilities of widely differing origin. •To enable the user to maintain their own hydration, so improving independence and assisting to sustain general health and well-being. •To free up carer time for other activities. •Financial savings may result incidentally from improved health of the person and/or reallocation of staff time, but the issue of independence remains paramount. User Benefits •Enables the elderly, less able and injured to drink unassisted, without using their hands or arms. •Reduces dependence on carers and nursing staff. •Free standing and self-supporting on and flat surface. •The bite valve allows the user to control fluid intake. •Can be used whilst lying or seated, from a bed or chair due to easy adjustment in reach, elevation and direction. •Does not drip or spill due to the CamelBak® anti-siphon/non return bite valve, which also reduces the suction effort required. •Affords easier hydration, so improves or sustains general health and well-being. •A wheelchair/powerchair/tubular bed frame version is also available (see the Drinkup Travel Lite). Carer Benefits •Completely washable, with removable parts and mouthpieces. For economy, routine hygiene and use by others. •Accepts almost any drinks vessel, including the NHS type jug, allowing easier fluid intake monitoring. •Easy and quick to set up. •In all situations Drinkup reduces the time given to the basic task of keeping the dependent person or Service User well hydrated. •In a professional care situation financial savings may result from the dependent person or Service User being well hydrated and/or reallocation of staff time, thus Drinkup pays for itself within a short period of time. •No electricity or batteries required. •For use in hospitals, care/nursing homes and by individuals in their own homes. How Drinkup Works Very simply, once set-up and a drink is in place, the user bites gently onto the CamelBak® bite valve, makes a seal with their lips and sucks, as if using a straw. The drink will then rise and flow along the drinking tube. If the user needs to rest, they can relax without the drink returning to the vessel. The ‘Safe-Siphon’ Mode If the user has difficulty coordinating biting and sucking actions, has a weak ‘suck ability’ or is completely unable to suck, the Drinkup System may be used in the ‘Safe-Siphon’ mode, taking advantage of gravity. We can supply a special syringe and a bite valve adaptor for this purpose. Please contact our Appointed Stockists for further information on priming and using the Drinkup in the ‘Safe-Siphon’ mode. ————————————————————————————————————————–


The new and improved Drinkup

Travel Lite attaches to wheelchairs, powerchairs, round-section bed frames and cot sides.Allows completely independent hydration on the move, or as a compact alternative to the Original Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System. drinkup-travel-lite-560-p[ekm]282x300[ekm]dutl_1.1











Handsteady Drinking Cuphandsteadfy

HandSteady looks like a ‘normal’ fine bone china cup but is lightweight and has a unique Rotatable Handle for up to four fingers and comes with a Hidden Lid with a drink and straw hole. It’s dishasher and microwave safe.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to show you how it works.

Stays upright howUpright
You can hold the Rotatable Handle at any comfortable angle, and gravity will keep the cup upright and steady.

This is helpful if you have limited dexterity or weakness in your wrist, as it enables you to avoid spills and drink without bending your wrist.

Tilts by pivoting howTilt
You can tilt handSteady by holding it by the handle close to your mouth, then pivoting it with your mouth, thumb, or other hand.

You get more control over the liquid flow because one hands takes the weight of the cup and drink through the handle whilst you control the tilt of the cup with your other hand, thumb or mouth controls the liquid flow.
Keeps drinks hot and in your cup
handSteady cups with a Hidden Lid accessory. It is discrete (you can hardly see the lid), keeps drinks hotter for longer and reduces liquid flow and spills.

The lid is easy to insert and remove from the cup has a drink hole that you can also use with a straw to extend its use.
Increases your dexterity
The Rotatable Handle removes the need to bend your wrist or raise your arm. Simply fix your wrist and the lift the cup by bending your elbow. Ideal if you have wrist pain or weakness.

You can also get more comfort for your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders because the cup is lightweight (109g / 3.8oz) and the large sized handle spreads the weight across your whole hand.

Improves your stabilityhowStability

If you have tremor, the Rotatable Handle can be held at 90 degrees with your palm facing up or down. In this position your forearm can’t twist any further, so tremor can be less for many people.

The Rotatable Handle frees you to keep your elbows anchored into your side or on a surface throughout the drinking process for additional stability..

Gravity can self-stabilise the cup if you align the Rotatable Handle with forearm tremor.

If you hold handSteady with two hands, the impact of tremor is reduced on the cup from the hand holding the Rotatable Handle, which gives you more control over the cup.

Many people with reduced balance and tremor hold the Rotatable Handle upside down to lower the centre of gravity and increase stability.


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