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Drinking Aids

 Drink up Hands-free Drinking system

CastleCare Mobility present this versatile drinking assist product – Its hands free operation , multi positional use and high quality materials and design combine to appeal to a wide range of users in the home , rehabilitation
and healthcare environments.
Good hydration is a vital part of the diet enabling the body to function correctly and we recognise that for some people this can be an issue depending on their condition .

The Drinkup21 system solution is aimed at reducing the difficulties associated with maintaining hydration and allows the user to easily access fluids independently

Key features :
– 1 litre bottle with fluid level markings to monitor intake including drinking tube allowing reach of up to 750mm
non- return bite valve & multi directional surface clamp arm attachment.

– A ‘safe-siphon’ mode for those unable to suck fluids.
–  Can be used for cold or warm drinks including thicker nutritional fluids.
–  Fully washable components.
–  Drinkup21 comes with a Consumables Parts Pack included ( cleaning brush, safe siphon adaptor) and packs can
also be purchased separately also spare bottles &straws, mouth valves.
–  Easy to attach to any vertical or horizontal surface on a table, chair or bed.

–  Full instructions to enable the different functions and product care to the user.
–  The Drinkup21 system can be a great assistance for persons with many ‘motor’ , pain or cognitive conditions
enabling the ability and independence to self-hydrate more easily.

Correct hydration is a recognised medical health essential


Handsteady Drinking Cuphandsteadfy

HandSteady looks like a ‘normal’ fine bone china cup but is lightweight and has a unique Rotatable Handle for up to four fingers and comes with a Hidden Lid with a drink and straw hole. It’s dishasher and microwave safe.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to show you how it works.

Stays upright howUpright
You can hold the Rotatable Handle at any comfortable angle, and gravity will keep the cup upright and steady.

This is helpful if you have limited dexterity or weakness in your wrist, as it enables you to avoid spills and drink without bending your wrist.

Tilts by pivoting howTilt
You can tilt handSteady by holding it by the handle close to your mouth, then pivoting it with your mouth, thumb, or other hand.

You get more control over the liquid flow because one hands takes the weight of the cup and drink through the handle whilst you control the tilt of the cup with your other hand, thumb or mouth controls the liquid flow.
Keeps drinks hot and in your cup
handSteady cups with a Hidden Lid accessory. It is discrete (you can hardly see the lid), keeps drinks hotter for longer and reduces liquid flow and spills.

The lid is easy to insert and remove from the cup has a drink hole that you can also use with a straw to extend its use.
Increases your dexterity
The Rotatable Handle removes the need to bend your wrist or raise your arm. Simply fix your wrist and the lift the cup by bending your elbow. Ideal if you have wrist pain or weakness.

You can also get more comfort for your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders because the cup is lightweight (109g / 3.8oz) and the large sized handle spreads the weight across your whole hand.

Improves your stabilityhowStability

If you have tremor, the Rotatable Handle can be held at 90 degrees with your palm facing up or down. In this position your forearm can’t twist any further, so tremor can be less for many people.

The Rotatable Handle frees you to keep your elbows anchored into your side or on a surface throughout the drinking process for additional stability..

Gravity can self-stabilise the cup if you align the Rotatable Handle with forearm tremor.

If you hold handSteady with two hands, the impact of tremor is reduced on the cup from the hand holding the Rotatable Handle, which gives you more control over the cup.

Many people with reduced balance and tremor hold the Rotatable Handle upside down to lower the centre of gravity and increase stability.

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