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Paediatric / Children’s Walkers

Quest 88 Cavalier Walking Frame

CvvvvdrThe Cavalier walking frame is a good choice for children who need upper body and pelvic support whilst walking for longer periods of time. The Cavalier, as a gait trainer and mobility device, really exemplifies the concept of ‘see the child, not the equipment’ and yet it offers the same levels of support as walkers which surround the child .

The Cavalier looks minimal, but that is its simple brilliance. The Cavalier can be used indoors or out under appropriate supervision, thanks to its oversize wheels. Cavalier (Hand-steer version) With its unique steering system, the Cavalier can turn easily and precisely. It is responsive and efficient, and helps the user to maintain good rhythm and straight line walking.

The Cavalier rolls freely on its relatively large and solid wheels and minor obstacles and kerbs can be negotiated with some training and concentration. The rear aspect of the frame makes transfer easy. The saddle unit provides lateral stability to the pelvis and can be used as a seat, should the user wish to rest. On larger models the saddle unit is designed to drop down to assist transfer to or from wheelchairs. Cavalier FF (Foot-steer version) The Cavalier FF differs from the Cavalier due to its free rotating front wheels and fixed handlebar stem. It is steered using the body and legs. The Cavalier FF’s handlebar is only used to stabilise the trunk of the user.

The Cavaliers have an extensive range of accessories available and include moulded anterior supports, leg and foot separation plates, vertical hand holds, forearm supports, hip supports and synthetic wool covers for saddle units.

Quest 88 Childrens Rollators

oooooQuest 88 rollators are designed for children and adults who can weight bear, have reasonable shoulder and arm strength, but who require anterior support whilst walking. Quest 88 rollators consist of a four cornered folding steel frame, with wheels at the front and rubber ferrules (crutch tips) at the rear. Each handle can be adjusted for height and can also be rotated for the most comfortable and appropriate position.

The folding frame and hand tubes are constructed from stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Quest 88 rollators feature stainless steel components, comfortable and long lasting hand grips, with options such as front swivel castors and ‘pram handle’ style hand bars. The rollators can also be folded flat for storage and transportation.

Walking Frame Wheeled Child

11111111111111A lightweight aluminium walking frame with non-slip ferrules at the rear and wheels at the front. Contoured hand grips offer improved grip for the child. Height adjustable from 560 to 660mm in 20mm increments to suit a number of users and adapt as the child grows.

  • Back width 460mm
  • Front width 300mm
  • Weight 1.7kg

Walker Birillo Sitting Walker

AA75808XSThe Birillo was conceived and designed to allow children to be able to move independently when in the sitting position. Recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 8. The triangular sitting position prevents extreme hip and trunk extension and encourages correct head and trunk posture. The abduction block supports correct posture for the pelvis. This stimulates the movement of the arms and the rotation of the trunk.

The colourful and friendly appearance of Birillo encourages a child to think of it as a toy and stimulates them to safely explore their environment. This aids the development of their perceptual awareness and motor visual functions. Birillo is available in four sizes and has a range of accessories that extend its use.

The height adjustable frame is made from epoxy-coated steel and the upholstery is made from fire resistant material. The padded seat has a plastic coating for extra protection from wear and tear and to aid cleaning and hygiene. The wheels have bumpers on for added protection. The handlebar is both height and depth adjustable.

Quest 88 Kaye Walker

kayeThe Kaye Walker(Posture Control Walker) is designed to make walking less energy consuming whilst improving postural alignment. The Kaye Walker combines a open-fronted, folding aluminium frame with individually height adjustable legs.

The legs can be fitted with different wheel or ferrule options to suit both the user’s abilities and the environment in which the walker is to be used. The Kaye Walker is used extensively across the globe as both a walking training device and a community walking aid. As a child grows and the walker is adjusted in height, the “footprint” of the walker increases, therefore ensuring that the walker remains stable throughout its useful life. Having an open front to the posture walker reduces the “barrier syndrome” and helps to improve social development, interaction with others, as well as enabling children to get closer to tables and play surfaces.

The rear bar is also a key feature of the Kaye Walker™ as it acts as a stimulus on the user’s hip extensors, prompting the user to take the next step. Extra-wide frames are available on request, as are weighted frame inserts to increase the weight of the walke

Troja X Rollator

trojoSmall adults and children require a light, easy to manoeuvre product which supports their mobility. From this the Troja X has been born. The Troja X is a lightweight aluminium rollator that allows the user to be more active and provides support while offering freedom of movement. With only a few hand movements the Troja X can be folded compactly and then be ready to transport. The Troja X allows the user to be mobile and adding accessories such as the drink bottle holder and using the standard fitted multi use net bag to carry toys, etc makes it extremely user friendly.


  • The built in memory function, always remembers the user’s set handle height. Put down the handles during transport, open and pull up and they stop at your settings again
  • Due to the fantastic design the rollator can tackle obstacles such as kerbs. Tread on the left or right kerblifter to raise the Troja at the front then keep on walking forward until the obstacle has been passed
  • The Troja can be folded with one hand and very little effort. Just pull lightly on the grey strap in the middle of the seat and the rollator seems to fold itself in your hands
  • In the folded position the Troja X takes very little space. It stands secure and safely on all four wheels. Ideal for small rooms or can also be stored behind a door
  • The net seat and the excellent parking brakes allow the user to sit safely and take a break

Crawl Trainer Crawlabout

crawl walkerProvides support to patient while instructing, encouraging and reinforcing crawling. The aluminium frame and foam padded suspended harness are height adjustable. Push handles can be attached as crawling skill progresses. The caregiver can steer from the rear to provide necessary assistance.

Crocodile Reverse Walker

crocodilehe Crocodile reverse walker is designed to facilitate postural alignment, balance and phases of walking. It encourages a more upright posture, improves upper extremity position, helps develop balance and encourage the correct walking posture. Optimal support is given whilst at the same time allowing freedom of movement.

The Crocodile is manoeuvrable and very sturdy, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and folds for easy transportation and storage. It is available in two sizes and has a full range of optional extras. As standard it comes with adjustable (height and width) handles, anti-reverse wheel stops and swivel front wheels with directional stabilisers.

Childs Folding Walker

folding walker chProvides support for children when walking, folds for easy transportation.

This Children s Folding Walker features a lightweight, anodised aluminium A-frame design which provides greater balance and stability. Height adjustable design accommodates a range of user heights. The comfortable vinyl hand grips are designed for a child’s hand and a foot piece silencer provides noise free use. Two sizes available.


  • Height adjustment: 620-720mm (24½- 28½”)
  • Depth open: 410mm (16¾ )
  • Max Width: 560mm (22″)
  • Weight limit: 91kg (14st)
  • Maximum User Weight Limit: 91kg (14st)
  • Product Weight: 2.3kg (5lb)

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