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Wheelchair Evacuator


The Wheelchair Evacuator is designed to assist in the safe evacuation of wheelchair users in their own wheelchair from any place in a building, to a place of ultimate safety away from the building. The Wheelchair Evacuator can be used to take wheelchair users upstairs, downstairs or across rough terrain such as cobble stones, gravel, rough ground mud and grass.

As can be seen from the pictures the Wheelchair Evacuator comprise  two ergonomically designed handles which quickly and easily attach to a wheelchair.

In the UK (and in most Countries) there is a legal requirement that every workplace has to have an evacuation plan and practical procedures to ensure all people, including wheelchair users, get to a place of ultimate safety

Current evacuation equipment is expensive and bulky, not easily moved and generally cannot evacuate people to a safe place as it can only be used to go downstairs. In addition evacuation chairs requires manual handling of the user from their own wheelchair which requires by law an  health and safety risk assessment and puts both the wheelchair user and the evacuating individual at risk of injury. All of this is risky cumbersome and time consuming at a point when time is of the essence.

The Wheelchair Evacuator offers a solution to these problems: The Wheelchair Evacuator is: • Easy to use, • Ergonomically designed • Attaches to a wheelchair in seconds.

The Wheelchair Evacuator can be used to take the wheelchair upstairs, downstairs, over rough terrain and over and around many obstacles, which no other evacuation product can do.

The Wheelchair Evacuator enables businesses to comply with current legislation which dictates that all workplaces and public buildings must be able to deliver the safe and speedy evacuation of all people lawfully on the premises to a place of safety including wheelchair users.






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