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Corgi Classroom Chairs

chair 4

The Corgi Class chair was designed to give postural support, while still looking similar to the other chairs in the classroom. The Basic Version comes complete with hip guides and armrests, and height adjustable legs and a growing seat. This can have footrests, thoracic supports, headrests and harnessing added.

Multi-adjustable activity chair. Four sizes available of which the largest may be suitable for small adults.


chair 8The Corgi Class Chair provides support for
children with mild postural instability, whilst
maintaining the appropriate appearance for the
classroom setting. The adjustments are simple:
• Seat Depth Adjustment
• Hip Guide Adjustment
• Seat Height Adjustment
• Lateral Support Adjustment
• Footplate Height Adjustment

Corgi Class Chair with Tabletable


Tables is also available.




chair high


The Corgi Class High-Sitter

shares all of the features of the Corgi Class Chair. The main difference is the higher working height to enable children to access areas of the curriculum such as Science and Technology.The Size 1 has a seat height range from 450mm – 650mm and the Size 2 & 3 from 500mm – 750mm

hi-lo 1


Corgi hi-lo chair

This new version of the Corgi line-up allows the user to power up to the correct height to work. This helps children operate more independently and avoids the need for height adjustable tables. The actuator lifts the seat position 300mm (12 inches) from a start position of 420mm (16.5 inches).


The Solo table

solo table

The Solo Table is a Height and Angle Adjustable Table that has a work surface 900mm (36”) wide by 700mm (28”) deep, making this a table for one person.
The height variation is from 710mm (28”) in its lowest setting to 1070mm (42”) when fully raised.

folded table

Easily folded



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