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Happy Legs Exercise Machine

Happy Legs Exercise MachineHappylegs-Fitness-Machine-

How does it work? How can you go for a walk from the comfort of your chair? Easy, just sit down, put your feet on the Happylegs and using the remote control take yourself for a walk. Happylegs is a passive exercise device which functions using the same principles as walking, it alternatively moves your legs and gently massages your feet while you remain seated stimulating the muscles and sole sponge to help improve your blood circulation. Happylegs is an award winning exercise device that provides gentle and consistent, vibration free, exercise for people who spend a lot of time sitting down or require assistance for walking. Happylegs has been designed with ergo therapy in mind in that its movements are precise, continuous, gentle, and comfortable and isn’t aggressive to ankle and knee joints. Happylegs has 3 pleasant speed settings means it can be adapted to suit the varying needs of all users.happylegs-Exerciser-at-work-1 Happylegs is very safe and very easy to use. Happylegs is a patented exercise device that uses an extremely silent motor to provide continuous movement that moves your legs alternatively without the need for any physical effort.


  • Does not use electric stimulus, Does not transmit electricity, no EMC issues
  • Can be used by pregnant women and people with pacemakers
  • Uses natural physical and mechanical movement to move your legs and aid circulation
  • Has a quick set up time
  • Can be used with socks or footwear
  • Has no known side effects or restrictions
  • Has no time limit on usage
  • Is endorsed and recommended by Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons
  • Is manufactured in Europe and certified in the EU to CE standards

Using the Happylegs as little as 30 minutes a day can make all the difference.  Don’t let lack of exercise be a problem for you any more. So put on the TV, radio or get a good book, sit back, relax and let Happylegs take you for a walk.


Manos Sanas Finger MassagerManos-Sanos-FM-450x444

The Manos Sanas finger massager is an easy natural way to relieve discomfort from sore, tired or swollen hands and fingers. With daily use, it can help visibly improve the health and beauty of your hands both for people who suffer from joint pain and for people with osteoarthritis, arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome and other conditions. The Manos Sanas is also considered a useful device for the prevention of occupational risks by relieving muscle tension that builds up in your hands, preventing symptoms such as cold or numb hands and common ailments such as tendonitis.

  • Can help to relieve accumulated muscle tension in your hands, achieving greater agility in the fingers.
  • Helps prevention and progressive decrease in wrist pain caused by tendonitis.
  • Relief and improvement of conditions such as Raynaud’s syndrome, especially in people who constantly expose their hands at low temperatures.
  • The soft massage helps to stimulate capillaries and helps alleviate stiffness and numbness in the hands.
  • Disappearance of inflammation and rheumatic pains in hands, arms and shoulders in people with osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  • Helps reduction and correction of small lumps on the joints of the fingers, especially recommended for patients with multiple sclerosis. Recommended by specialists in vascular health


The B-Warm Heated Seat CoverHomeglow1-14a-highres1-224x300

Keep warm and cosy while reducing your heating bills* with the B-Warm heated seat cover.The award winning B-warm is a versatile, low energy heated seat cover designed to keep you warm and comfortable at home. Why heat the whole house or room when you can simply plug in the B-Warm heated-seat cover and instantly nestle into a snug and cosy armchair.

The amazing B-warms is:

  • Therapeutic as it will warm and soothe aches and pains in your neck, back, legs and knees.
  • Highly economical – costs less than ½ pence per hour to use
  • Safe & easy to operate – with a one button control
  • B-warm-51-296x300Produces low level controlled heat, with safety automatic switch-off feature
  • Resistant to spillages and fully machine washable(@40C)
  • Easy to fit and suitable for most styles of chair & some sofas
  • Two year warranty
  • Fully CE approved

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